Why Is Free Fire Hated?

Why Free fire is not banned?

Free Fire or Garena Free Fire is developed by Sea Ltd, a company that origins from Singapore.

Forrest Li was born in China, however, he shifted to Singapore and he is currently a resident of Singapore with citizenship of the country.

Therefore, Free Fire is not a Chinese app and hence has not been banned in India..

Is free fire illegal?

Free Fire is not banned in India and users are just facing some sort of server issue or game bug. The error will be quickly fixed once the developer teams get to know about it and may take a few hours to fix it.

Is Free Fire Banned in China?

Garena Free Fire is not a chinese app and has not been banned. The survival game is available on Android and iOS devices and is also available on Playstation and PC as well. The android smartphone users can download the game from the app play store.

How can free fire be prevented?

How to protect yourself from death in Garena Free Fire? Garena Free Fire guide, tipsPay attention to sounds of surroundings.Pay attention to what’s going on around you.Use the mini-map.Monitor the ammo in your weapon’s magazine.Monitor your health bar.Avoid using vehicles if possible.

How do you avoid free fire?

Garena Free Fire: 5 common mistakes to avoid when playingNot wearing headphones. Headphones are vital when playing multiplayer games at they give you special awareness in a way your phone speakers cannot. … Standing perfectly still. Free Fire doesn’t really have ‘bullet drop’. … Forgetting to reload. … Rushing blindly. … Always driving.May 15, 2020

Why Free Fire is a bad game?

That said, this isn’t a game for younger players. … As a result, Garena Free Fire isn’t worth the download for players committed to other battle royale games. If you’re new to this type of game, though, and over the age of 18, and fine with realistic attacks on humans for sport, it’s not a bad intro to the genre.

Is free fire good for 11 year olds?

What are the age requirements for my child to play the game? Free Fire’s age rating in the Google Play and Apple App Stores depends on the ratings system in your country. In most countries, Free Fire is rated 12+.

Who is king of free fire?

Ravichandra VigneshwerGaming Tamizhan’s (GT King) in real known as Ravichandra Vigneshwer is the King Of Free Fire in India. He is a known and famous Tamil Free Fire YouTuber in India.

Is free fire pay to win?

This game is Pay to Win imagine skin can increase gun damage yes skin can be obtained free and even P2W only gun have cons but it’s still make some advantage to P2W player.

Is free fire a copy of PUBG?

According to IGN, the game known as Pubg may have copied the ideas of the famous and viralized Free Fire. Some players were so outraged by this tragedy that they decided to petition the pubg developer to pay back the money from whoever bought the game.

Is PUBG harmful?

PUBG Side Effects Playing PUBG for a longer period of time can put some harmful effects on your health. Staring at the mobile screen for a long time can be very dangerous sometimes it can also lead to migraine and headache. Continuous playing of this game can weaken eyesight.

Why does everyone hate free fire?

Pay to win might be the cause of hate in Free Fire It’s because the skin and characters has a skill that free to play players don’t have. However, it’s all comes back to the player’s skill anyway, and not how deep their pocket is.

What are the disadvantages of playing free fire?

There are so many disadvantages of playing free fire. Wastage of time. wastage of storage. when you start playing you will feel boring and become different ( behaviour ) Free fire is a pay to win game. … People who come from random are not good, don’t treat people good and angry type.More items…•Nov 3, 2020

Is free fire dead?

But Free Fire is thriving, having recently hit 80 million daily active users and surpassing $1 billion in revenue last November, just two years after it first launched.

Is free fire good for brain?

Even in India, millions of gamers play games like Call of Duty, Free-Fire, DOTA, etc. … Contrary to this opinion, a lot of scientific studies show games can improve your visual processes, motor reflexes, and thinking capabilities.