Quick Answer: Why Is Excel Giving Me?

Why is Excel giving me a date?

Since dates are stored as numbers, when you make the format of a cell text, Excel will understand that the entered number is supposed to be in the text format and not to be converted into a date..

How do I remove a character from the left in Excel?

Remove characters from left side of a cell=REPLACE(old_text, start_num, num_chars, new_text)=RIGHT(text,[num_chars])=LEN(text)

How do I remove a percentage sign from an Excel spreadsheet?

TO REMOVE THE % SIGN FROM A COLUMN, ROW, OR BLOCK OF NUMBERS: 1) Highlight the %numbers, then change their format to General (Format-Cells-General). 6) When you hit Enter, all your highlighted numbers will be changed to the proper VALUE without the percent SIGN.

Why is my Excel sum not working?

The most common reason for AutoSum not working in Excel is numbers formatted as text. … To fix such text-numbers, select all problematic cells, click the warning sign, and then click Convert to Number.

What does != Mean in Excel?

In Excel, <> means not equal to. The <> operator in Excel checks if two values are not equal to each other. Let’s take a look at a few examples. 1. The formula in cell C1 below returns TRUE because the text value in cell A1 is not equal to the text value in cell B1.

Why is Excel giving?

Microsoft Excel might show ##### in cells when a column isn’t wide enough to show all of the cell contents. Formulas that return dates and times as negative values can also show as #####. … If dates are too long, click Home > arrow next to Number Format, and pick Short Date.

What are the 5 functions in Excel?

To help you get started, here are 5 important Excel functions you should learn today.The SUM Function. The sum function is the most used function when it comes to computing data on Excel. … The TEXT Function. … The VLOOKUP Function. … The AVERAGE Function. … The CONCATENATE Function.

How do you get Excel to stop Autocorrecting dates?

If you only have a few numbers to enter, you can stop Excel from changing them into dates by entering:A space before you enter a number. … An apostrophe (‘) before you enter a number, such as ’11-53 or ‘1/47.More items…

Why is Excel giving me the wrong answer?

The reason is quite ‘technical’: According to Microsoft, the reason for this wrong result is the so-called binary format which the numbers are converted to for calculation (more info on Wikipedia). In order to avoid an endless number, Excel would round it at the end.

What does Excel formula mean?

In Excel, a formula is an expression that operates on values in a range of cells or a cell. For example, =A1+A2+A3, which finds the sum of the range of values from cell A1 to cell A3.

Why are my Excel formulas calculating zero?

In Arrays formula if you go to function arguments, then it will show correct result but if they are not entered with CTRL+SHFT+ENTER, then they will either show zero or incorrect result. You can drag or copy array formulas, and then it will work correctly.

What does <= mean in Excel?

Excel Greater than or equals to is an operator which is a comparison operator in excel, this operator is used in two different or similar values or cells, the symbol for this operator is as follows >= the first symbol is for greater than and the second symbol is for equals to, this function returns value true if the …

How do I remove ## from Excel?

The AnswerSelect Multiple Columns. Either select all columns by clicking on the arrow in the upper-left corner: … Auto-Size Selected Columns. Now double-click on the right boundary of any of the selected columns when your cursor changes to the column-resizing double arrow:Jun 23, 2015

How do I remove a character from the right in Excel?

Use our DataXL productivity tools for Excel and follow these steps below:Locate the DataXL tab on the ribbon. Select the cell which contains the text.Click on the Text Tools icon. A new window will appear. … Enter the value.Example: If you want to remove the last six characters from right, use 6 as a parameter.Feb 1, 2020

How do I stop excel from Autofilling dates?

Locate the Editing Options section on the right side of the dialog box. Uncheck “Enable AutoComplete for Cell Values” to stop Excel from trying to complete what you type based on existing cell entries that begin with the same characters.

Why the date format is not changing in Excel?

Fix the Dates If you want to sort the dates, or change their format, you’ll have to convert them to numbers – that’s how Excel stores valid dates. Sometimes, you can fix the dates by copying a blank cell, then selecting the date cells, and using Paste Special > Add to change them to real dates.

How do I return blank instead of zero?

Use the IF function to do this. Use a formula like this to return a blank cell when the value is zero: =IF(A2-A3=0,””,A2-A3)

Why sum Excel shows zero?

The SUM formula in cell C7 returns 0 (zero), why is this happening? Check if your workbook is in manual calculation mode. Go to tab “Formulas”, then click on “Calculations Options” button. In this case, the setting was on “Manual”, changing it back to “Automatic” makes the SUM formula work as intended again.