Quick Answer: Is It Bad To Decline Offers On EBay?

What happens if you decline an offer on eBay?

Answers (4) The counteroffer voided your original offer.

If you decline the counteroffer …

you are free and clear of any responsibility.

You can also ignore it …

in which case it will time out after 48 hours …

but it’s best to decline it so seller knows you’re no longer interested..

How many offers can you decline on eBay?

3 offersUse your Best Offers wisely: For most categories, you can make up to 3 offers. Expired, rejected, and retracted offers all count toward this limit.

Can I accept an offer on eBay before the auction ends?

So, no, you cannot accept their “offer”. So, invite the person to place a bid and wish them luck. You can also have them bid and end the listing early to sell to the highest bidder.

Is Best Offer a good idea on eBay?

There are still many buyers on eBay who like to haggle over price, but their numbers are slowly decreasing. … For specific types of eBay inventory, the Best Offer option makes sense. Overall, however, we recommend you use it sparingly, if at all.

Why did eBay automatically decline an offer?

Some buyers are testing to see if a seller has the auto-decline option set. … If the offer is rejected immediately, they may not continue with other offers because they know that the seller is not monitoring offers below a certain level. Smaller sellers should embrace the counteroffer feature.

Can you reject an offer on eBay?

Best Offer lets you offer the seller a price you’re willing to pay for the item. The seller can accept, reject, or counter your offer by suggesting another price. As well as saving money, you won’t have to wait for the listing to end to buy your item, if the seller accepts your offer. …

How do I politely decline an offer on eBay?

You don’t need to justify it. If you must reply, be polite and say “sorry, I can’t accept your offer. Thank you for your interest.”

Why would a seller not respond to an offer?

The seller might believe that the buyer isn’t serious about purchasing the property if the offer is too lowball. Sellers can easily feel insulted and may be too angry to respond. They’ll reject the offer outright with no further discussion.

How do I send an offer on eBay to Watchers?

look under “selling”, sort your listings by “# of watchers” and then it’ll categorize your listings by listings with the most watchers. Click there and you can make an offer to your buyers. They have 48 hours to accept.

How do you politely decline an offer?

How to Politely Decline a Sales OfferThank the Person.Deliver the News Directly.Explain Your Reasoning.Suggest Other Ways of Partnership (If Appropriate)Keep the Professional Tone of Voice.Don’t Explain Rejection with Price.End Your Email Appropriately.Rejection with a Willingness to Receive Other Service Offers.More items…•Dec 14, 2018

What happens if you make an offer on eBay and change your mind?

When a buyer bids on an auction, technically, they are entering a contract to pay the final price. Unfortunately, sometimes, the buyer decides they don’t want to pay. … If the buyer changes their mind about an eBay sale after the auction has ended, they can contact the seller and ask them to cancel the transaction.

How much should I offer for best offer on eBay?

There are no set percentages that one should use. It’s up to the individual seller (and frankly on how I feel that day and how badly I want to get rid of the item. Sometimes you are at the mercy of your extended counteroffer, i.e., have to wait 48 hours. When I make an offer I don’t bother with low balling.

Why can you only make 3 offers on eBay?

3 offers is the limit. Even if you relist it after it fails to sell, that buyer can no longer make any offers. I like kraloe’s response to change the BIN price to the amount you will accept and then the buyer can purchase it.

What is a lowball offer?

What Is Lowballing? A lowball offer is a slang term for an offer that is significantly below the seller’s asking price, or a quote that is deliberately lower than the price the seller intends to charge. To lowball also means to deliberately give a false estimate for something.

Can you decline best offer on eBay?

When you add the Best Offer option to your eBay listings, you’re inviting buyers to negotiate with you. After a buyer makes an offer, you can choose to accept, decline, or make a counteroffer.

Can I end an eBay auction early and sell to the highest bidder?

To end a listing early and cancel all bids or sell to the high bidder: Go to My eBay > Selling and find the item. From the More actions drop-down menu, select End My Listing Early. … If there are 12 or more hours before the end of the listing, select Cancel bids and end listing early or Sell item to high bidder.

Can a seller just not respond to an offer?

While some sort of response is typical, there is nothing illegal or unethical if a seller does not respond. A seller may dismiss an offer altogether if they believe it to be unreasonable, incomplete, or otherwise not in their best interests.

What is a reasonable offer on eBay?

Ask them directly: If you really want the item, you can message the seller and ask what the lowest price that they will accept is. This is acceptable on eBay and a good way to make sure you get the item without using all of your offers up. Be reasonable: Don’t offer $5 for a $100 item.